Robert Blomsma

Exclusive Interview with Robert Blomsma: 25 Years of Excellence in the Event Industry

This June, we had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Blomsma, the visionary behind First Service Business Events and DMC The Hague. With over 25 years of experience in organizing business events and incentives for both Dutch and international clients, Robert’s insights offer a fascinating glimpse into the evolving world of event planning.

From Inspiration to Innovation

"From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by bringing people together. My organizing journey began as a tennis player and coach, where I coached many levels from recreational to top level players. Besides my coaching activities I enjoyed organizing tennis tournaments and pursuing my other favorite sport. I spend a lot of years in the Swiss mountains in Morgins, where I got my technical ski certifications as instructor and led group skiing tours. Realizing a market gap for tailored business events in The Hague, I launched First Service Business Events and a few years later DMC The Hague. Over the years, we’ve adapted to industry changes, expanded our services, and built strong client relationships, focusing on delivering exceptional experiences."

Adapting to a Changing Landscape

"Adaptability is key in our industry. We’ve embraced technology, incorporating virtual and hybrid event solutions, and focused on sustainability to meet changing demands. Listening to market trends and client feedback has allowed us to innovate. Our international clients value our local expertise combined with a global perspective."

Memorable Milestones

"One of the most memorable events was organizing 'a dinner at sea' for 150 guests. The challenge was having tables literally in the water and people wearing rain boots to prevent wet feet. During the dinner we had to work with the tide and relocate tables and really work with the water. A truly exceptional experience for our guests who were in good spirit and enjoyed delicious 'Fruits de Mer' by Herman den Blijker. The event’s success showcased our team’s dedication and innovation, leaving a lasting impact on the client and participants."

Exciting Trends and Future Outlook

"I’m excited about AI and data analytics in event planning, which enable more personalized experiences. Sustainability remains crucial, with a focus on eco-friendly practices. While I understand the industry's shift towards hybrid events, my focus remains on live events where people come together. The energy and connections of in-person events are unparalleled."

Balancing Passion and Life

"My passion comes from the joy of seeing events come to life and making a positive impact on clients. Each event’s uniqueness keeps me motivated. Maintaining balance is crucial; I delegate and trust my team. Outside work, I prioritize my family and love spending time in Portugal with my wife Georgina and our kids Bobbie and Jippe. I also enjoy playing Padel and Golf as a single HCP player whenever I can and taking our Flatcoated Retriever Bogey on walks in the many parks around our house. It’s all about finding harmony and ensuring fulfillment in both my professional and personal life."

Robert Blomsma’s journey exemplifies passion, innovation, and adaptability in the ever-changing event industry. His experiences continue to inspire, setting a benchmark for excellence in event planning.



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