Hurtigruten MS MAUD

Step aboard and set sail on a journey filled with adventure and discovery! Picture this: Between October and December 2023, the picturesque port of Scheveningen played host to the magnificent MS MAUD from Hurtigruten Expeditions not just once, but seven times! This Norwegian marvel, stretching 140 meters long, embarked on an epic voyage from London to chase the elusive Northern Lights, making captivating stops along the way.

And guess what? Scheveningen was one of those stops, adding a splash of culture and charm to the MS MAUD's grand adventure. But that's not all! DMC The Hague and valued partner The Hague & Partners rolled out the red carpet for each arrival, curating a blend of cultural and active exploration to thrill the passengers.

From the moment they stepped ashore, an adventurous morning awaited. Imagine being greeted by cheerful city guides and hopping aboard the boulevard train, ready to whisk you away on a tour of Scheveningen's hidden gems. Passengers had the opportunity to delve into the rich history of Scheveningen with a visit to the beloved 'Muzee,' a museum showcasing the traditional wonders of old Scheveningen.